Kevin Richmond 01-Mar-2013 15:55:00 3 min read

MENA carriers need a “multi-everything” insurance software platform

The outlook for the MENA insurance market is extremely positive for 2013, with projected double digit growth. However, as insurance organisations grow and diversify through cross-border trading, many are finding their incumbent software is limiting their growth or unnecessarily increasing their operational costs.

 Modern insurance platforms should, as standard, support a “multi-everything” operation; something that comes as standard in Eurobase’s synergy2 platform, but not something every software platform can support.

Here are some examples of synergy2’s multi-everything capabilities:

synergy2 allows multiple currencies to be transacted through the system.  A fully history of currency exchange rates can be maintained, allowing you to report on currencies at any given time – present and past – using the correct exchange rates.  You can view and reconcile all transactions in any currency.

Multiple taxes can be recorded against any transaction and a tax table in synergy2 maintains the valid dates for taxes enabling the correct taxes to be applied.

synergy2 supports multiple languages, both in the application itself and in data capture.  synergy2 supports both left-to-right and right-to-left text.  Production of documentation can also support any language.

A single instance of synergy2 can support multiple business operations.  Users in each business division can be restricted to and/or presented with only the data, functionality and languages relevant to them and their roles.

synergy2 is tightly integrated with SharePoint, leveraging SharePoint’s workflow capabilities.  These workflow controls can be defined at any appropriate level.

synergy2’s “Paint-Your-Own Screens” capability means that the screen viewed by users can be tailored according to the class of business, role, division and/or territory that they are operating in or working with.

Multi-governance, compliance and reporting
synergy2’s extensive governance module allows for governance control to be applied to user roles.  Therefore, different governance rules can be applied as appropriate to users in specific territories, teams or divisions.  Equally, compliance reporting can be tailored to the regulatory environment in which the operation transacts business.

synergy2’s Data Mart provides the capability for Management Information and reporting at both a local and a group level.

Find out more
To find out more about synergy2’s “multi-everything” capabilities and how synergy2 can support your multiple operations, please contact Paul Buckle, Business Development Executive at Eurobase.  We will be delighted to meet you and show you how synergy2 can transform your business.