Kevin Richmond 14-Nov-2016 09:46:00 1 min read

Data in the value chain


The concept of having one or multiple global insurance programmes in place has continued to be attractive to multinational corporations. The benefits are well understood and include contract certainty and regulatory compliance and, having agreed coverage terms, conditions then apply on a blanket basis to all of the international operations within the programme.

The insurance industry is currently under a lot of strain with increased regulation and the pressure to reduce operational overheads. Solvency II, for example, may have a tendency to drive an increase to the capital reserves but at the same time, under Beps, captives have to make sure not to carry excessive capital reserves as that may be seen as tax evasion. These challenges for global insurance programmes need to be met head on by all the participants in the value chain, especially the captives and captive managers, and this drives an increasing dependency on comprehensive data that is reliable and auditable...

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Global Insurance Programme 2016