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3 key considerations of updating your legacy systems

[fa icon="calendar'] 28-Mar-2018 14:08:57 / by Dave Connors posted in Insurance, Blog, legacy systems, Operational Efficiency

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Electronic devices consume our lives.  The extension of wifi-enabled "smartness" into all manner of devices has turned even a basic doorbell into a legacy system.  

These rapid advances in technology often put domestic and professional lives out of sync. Many of us will recognise greater utilisation of technology in our personal lives.  Landlines, printers and the humble computer mouse are all a regular part of our office lives, but obsolete in our own homes.

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3 things that are and will continue to affect the (Re) Insurance Market – and how

[fa icon="calendar'] 14-Mar-2018 15:33:29 / by Dave Connors posted in Insurance, Reinsurance, Blog, Digitalisation, Operational Efficiency, Insurtech

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We were recently asked – what 3 things do you think are affecting/will affect the reinsurance industry from a technology perspective? 

With so much going on, it’s hard to keep it down to 3. Therefore, I cheated a little and instead I have 3 x 3…  

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Insurance in the 4th Industrial Revolution

[fa icon="calendar'] 14-Feb-2018 15:26:41 / by Dave Connors posted in Insurance, Blog, Artificial Intelligence, Digitalisation, Operational Efficiency, AI, Insurtech

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4th industrial rev.jpg

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) relates to the introduction of cyber-physical systems, blurring the lines between technology and “the real world”.

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Digitalisation and the Death of UI

[fa icon="calendar'] 08-Jan-2018 07:05:00 / by Dave Connors posted in Insurance, Blog, Digitalisation, UI

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Digitalisation and UI.jpg

UI and UX designers are often faced with questions like “Why do I have to double-click that to edit it?” and “These fields are next to each other on the MRC, so why are they on different screens in the UI?”

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From “the Blockchain” to “distributed ledger technology” – the direction of travel for insurance

[fa icon="calendar'] 18-Jul-2017 12:51:19 / by Dave Connors posted in Insurance, London Market, Reinsurance, Blog, Blockchain

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Blockchain in insurance.png

It's customary in any discussion of Blockchain to assert that there will definitely be a change to the insurance industry. We then go on to state a number of use cases unrelated or tangential to insurance (Land Title Registry, Fine Arts Ownership and Imogen Heap are the usual suspects). But the B3i initiative and other similar ventures are, at last, giving the insurance industry real examples to consider.

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The InsiderTech Conference London 2017

[fa icon="calendar'] 09-Jun-2017 16:34:17 / by Dave Connors posted in Insider, Insurance, Reinsurance, Blog, ILS, Insuretech, insidertech

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I recently had the pleasure of joining colleagues from across the world of insurance, technology and risk capital in attending the Insider Conference on InsurTech.

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