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4 Ways in which insurers use Big Data most effectively

[fa icon="calendar'] 17-Aug-2017 15:40:07 / by Rebecca Oliver posted in Insurance, Regulation, data, Compliance, Artificial Intelligence, modernisation

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Big data is still big news. For the insurance industry, it’s not just a lot more data although that is part of it; it is data that permits an unprecedented degree of analysis. Only now have we reached a point where data and technology are capable of making use of information we can gather.

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[fa icon="calendar'] 16-Jun-2017 08:36:22 / by Rebecca Oliver posted in Insurance, Reinsurance, Blog, Artificial Intelligence, modernisation, IT, legacy systems, change

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As computers have taken over the workplace, the insurance industry, along with others, now relies upon them for the basic day to day business functions. Initially, organisations began to build new systems upon existing legacy systems as processes and software evolved, but now it seems that these legacy systems may not be up to the job.

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The growth of Cyber risk & the difficulties of underwriting an intangible risk

[fa icon="calendar'] 16-May-2017 17:23:15 / by Rebecca Oliver posted in Insurance, Blog, risk, Cyber, underwriting

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cyber risk banner.png

The recent Cyber-attack involving digital criminals asking for a ransom is proof that Cyber-crime can no longer be referred to as just a "Threat" or as a topical subject that we mention on the agenda of a boardroom meeting. It is here and it’s spreading like the plague...for all those that are less prepared.

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