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So, what is PSD 2?

[fa icon="calendar'] 25-Jul-2017 09:54:17 / by Matt Townsend posted in Banking, Blog, Regulation, Compliance, MiFID II, PSD2, Software

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A little while back I wrote about how the 'Internet of Things' is changing the way customers interact with Banks. 

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PSD2 and The Internet of Things

[fa icon="calendar'] 07-Jul-2017 06:20:00 / by Matt Townsend posted in Banking, Blog, PSD2, IoT, the internet of things

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IoT PSD2.jpg

I can remember clearly, in one of the first English lessons after moving school, we were taught certain rules. The rule that sticks in my mind today is "Never use the word 'Thing'". Using the word 'thing' in your written work will result in an instant de-merit. For some of my fellow students, this became a challenge, to try and use 'thing' and get away with it.

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Is 2016 the year banks capitalise on blockchain technology?

[fa icon="calendar'] 08-Jan-2016 17:00:22 / by Matt Townsend posted in Banking, Blog

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The worlds banks are currently looking at finding new ways to exploit blockchain technology.  If you haven’t heard of it (hard to believe), Kate Knibbs says "it’s a simple digital platform for recording and verifying transactions so that other people can’t erase them later."

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MiFID II: The Force Awakens

[fa icon="calendar'] 22-Oct-2015 17:49:02 / by Matt Townsend posted in Banking

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 Efficiency and Transparency


Well, not quite. But ‘MiFID II’ is the next instalment, which actually doesn’t seem to be causing quite the storm as its predecessor. However, how will ‘MiFID II’ impact your organisation?

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EMIR is here

[fa icon="calendar'] 01-May-2014 14:31:00 / by Matt Townsend posted in Banking

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The first deadline for EMIR compliance has passed and the operational aspects are settling down.

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