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PSD2 and The Internet of Things

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Building Societies regulation–SMR, MiFID II, PRIIPs KIDs-what's in store?

Building Societies – the mutual or demutualised regulatory debate

Solvency II, BEPS, Employee Benefits - Reinsurance hot topics for 2016 so far

The Cross Border Payments Controversy

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Create value for your customers.  With transparency, control and delivery, learn how interaction enhances your customer’s experience.

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Conformance or Performance

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Africa – a Continent with Bulls

e-Forex - the Dawn of a New Era

Supporting Growth in the (Re)Takaful Market

synergy2 – for specialty lines and assumed reinsurance carriers in MENA

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Managing change in an ever more vigilant market

The stages of a successful IT marriage

Solvency II and your systems – part 2. Risk Management

Solvency II and your systems – part 1